The country is beautiful, the folks are oh so helpful, the weather (yes British climate!) is beautiful. You can see a number of my photos. I feel lucky to become encased by such a group right now… And So I need to let you know about another occasion that may take place im Brooklyn in July. You could keep in mind that I coached a couple of classes there-in yesteryear.

With Purple

I am yet again sorry for devoid of arrived at visit my creative area, ici, for a while. The bottom line is: I traveled with Lulu to Italy, and I trained two workshops in her French facility (and oh the beautiful people I satisfied, the charming props I purchased back home–our times together were only remarkable. [ talented pupil that is Swedish and One adorable already talks about it on her tasty website, Dagmar's Kitchen ]. I took Lulu for an overnight remain near wherever my parents stay, in a yurt. I'm continuing to get ready another food style and photography class in England by the end of August (it's sold out), and I am also working on one in Sicily in Oct (there are only a few areas left actually, if you have an interest, send a demand to; Case Vecchie can be a stunning certainly Sicilian house; this is what we did a year ago –I cannot wait to determine Gino again!) I keep doing a variety of photo-shoots with clients–and that is aged and fresh I'm loving them. I recognized my birthday.

Food Styling and Photography Workshop in Baja California, Mexico

Some of our favorite minutes. We ate verrines and asparagus and used fish cooked eggs risotto with salad eton chaos and chocolate dessert. It all.

In Might we celebrate

Baja California Sur is characterized by deserts, hills and coastal flatlands. Expect you'll start to see the biggest cactus bushes ever!