Birdie Boogie

With a hip, hop, ya don’t cease the birdie I’m undesirable, that’s the wordie I dance like a toughie Subsequently I kiss my stuffie, yo.

Did You Monkey Around with My Computer?

ZERO! No, positively, definitely, surely not!

Can’t Keep This ‘Til Nosevember

“Um, excusing of me, but have any life-forms situated a tiny metal briefcase? Slate grey, dark handle, shining a bit and building a buzzing sound, with tentacles? It’s really important that I get that “This person that is back.” is unusually pretty,” notes Redditor jamieinthenorthwest.

They’re Living Here Among Us

The subject of the video assures it an article below on C.O. The kitteh that is whackadoodle is a reward.

Meanwhile, at the Lost and Found Table at Alpha Centauri Intergalactic Spaceport…

they're going and come because they please. What’s next? The fact remains out-there.