he then added an email of caution for correspondents covering his Native vacation. http://time.com/3647039/obama-tees-off-in-hawaii-with-malaysian-leader/

Here Are 6 Distinctive Politicians’ 2014 Holiday Cards

FDA Allowing Homosexual Blood Donors The Food and Drug Government reported on Wednesday it'd propose permitting men who have sex with guys to donate body one-year after their last sexual contact, in a move that would ease a-long everlasting bar and probable raise the national contributor source Jimmy Kelly on Mayor de Blasio: ‘This Isn’t the Campaign’ the previous police chief speaks out on the murder of two NYPD authorities, the Eric Garner case and what Mayor Bill de Blasio doesn’t get about Newyork police. “He mentioned end-concern-and-frisk, but I don’t think he fully grasped the nuances of it,” said Kelly http://time.com/3646705/morning-must-reads-december-24/

Obama Tees Down in Hawaii with Malaysian Chief

An iconic the main Christmas season is mailing and obtaining holiday cards, and politicians are no exception. Here are cards from six politicians this year, ranging from the typical asked picture for the vice president crashing into rapids. http://time.com/3646715/here-are-6-notable-politicians-2014-holiday-cards/

Jordanian Pilot Captured by ISIS Militants

“He is merely a gift who is following orders and has no authority.” ISIS posted two images apparently demonstrating the record. In a single, a man labeled as the pilot sometimes appears being yanked by militants from a lake, placing clothed and wet just in a bright top. An additional shows him encased by militants, many of them bad. Jordanian F 16 aircraft crashed while in the upper Syrian town of Ar's location on Saturday and ISIL forces have obtained captive the pilot, ” Control explained several hours following the aircraft took place. Indicates that [ ISIS ] didn't down the aircraft since the terrorist company is claiming.” a youthful declaration given from the companions said that an airstrike was done against a near Raqqa. http://time.com/3646645/jordan-pilot-isis/