] Light, individual and inexpensive, this style and production method bends synthetic limbs in new directions and guarantees a far more personalized merchandise for all those in need of a replacement (or upgrade). Produced by Adam Origin, the method involves inverted laser ; 3D modeling, checking and publishing to generate type-fitting areas of the body which are suited to a specific person and relaxed, affordable. http://weburbanist.com/2015/01/08/exo-prosthetics-light-cheap-custom-3d-printed-body-parts/

Art in Abandoned Places: 15 Unanticipated Downtown Installations

Paul’s Cathedral has become home to your rainbow-hued installation of nets within Reversal Under, the world’s largest undercover trampoline. The new tourist destination features three enormous trampolines ascending to 180 feet above the ground of the cavern, with five-foot internet walls from moving right out, maintaining anybody. http://weburbanist.com/2015/01/07/art-in-abandoned-places-15-unexpected-urban-installations/

Caricature as Furniture: Popculture in Useful 3D Form

Martin inside the Grounds, shown at the very top (artwork by William Logsdail in 1888), a chapel based about the contrary side of Trafalgar Square to Northumberland Home, described straight below (coated by Canaletto in 1752 and since destroyed). Different landscapes of the Thames present how the riverfronts, skylines and ships and shifted in range and variety overtime, or highlight key points and storytelling views of local history collection against the daily history grabbed by Block View vans. Several important avenues are revealed atleast partly because they were, although with some touches or creative license occasionally, as well as the autos and people that used them (just enclosed by modern persons and contexts). Other paintings revealed within this collection include: A View of Greenwich from the Water by Canaletto (1750–52), Blackman Street London by John Atkinson Grimshaw (1885), View of The Lavish Stroll by Canaletto (1751), The 9th of December, 1888 by William Logsdail (1890), The String Searching East from Exeter Trade by Anonymous (1822), Covent Garden Marketplace by Balthazar Nebot (1737), The River Thames with St. http://weburbanist.com/2015/01/08/10-vintage-london-paintings-superimposed-on-street-view-images/

10 Antique London Paintings Superimposed On-Street View Photographs

[ By Steph Indesign & Furnishings & Decor. ] The Simpsons and pop culture figures and different heroes are converted from 56th Business into minimalist chair styles in this diverse assortment. Is it possible to speculate who the remainder are allowed to be? The manufacturers distilled them to their most elementary sorts and required probably the most familiar functions of each. Naturally, the exaggerated hairstyles of Marge Bart and Lisa make them an easy task to spot, as the others are subtler. http://weburbanist.com/2015/01/07/caricature-as-furniture-pop-culture-in-functional-3d-form/