The report profiles 75 companies including many key and niche players such as: - Agropalma Group - Alami Vegetable Oil Products Sdn Bhd - Archer Daniels Midland Company - Asian Agri - Boustead Holdings Berhad - California Oils Corporation - Carotino Sdn Bhd - Fuji Vegetable Oil Inc. - Genting Plantations Berhad - Golden Agri-Resources Ltd. - Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn Bhd - IOI Group Berhad - IOI Loders Croklaan B.V. - Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad - MM Vitaoils Sdn Bhd - New Britain Palm Oil Ltd. - PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk - PT Darmex Agro - PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk - PT Musim Mas - PT Perusahaan Perkebunan London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk - Siat Group of Companies - Sime Darby Sdn Berhad - United Palm Oil Industry Public Company Limited - United Plantations Berhad - Univanich Palm Oil PCL - Wilmar International Limited. Key Topics Covered: I. Introduction, Methodology & Product Definitions II. Executive Summary 1. Industry Overview 2. Market Trends, Issues And Drivers 3. Palm Oil Trade Scenario 4.

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Many people make the mistake of putting all of their money into the stock market and end up losing it all. Set limits to the amount you are willing to gamble on and no matter what, do not go over this limit. Many people who invest in stocks make the mistake of relying too strongly on past performance when deciding which stocks to purchase. While prior performance is a very good indicator of how a stock will perform in the future. You should make certain to investigate what the future plans of the company are. It is important to consider how they plan to increase revenue and profits, along with what they plan to do to overcome the challenges that they currently face. Information is vital to having good management and decision-making skills for your stock portfolio. You must be well-versed in current marketing information in order to create a plan that doesnt make you to lose everything you have. Be sure you have immediate access to all of the prices of the bonds, funds, and shares. Its vital to re-evaluate your portfolios health, quarterly.

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The article starts with: The value of the pound has fallen in the wake of an opinion poll which suggested the pro-UK campaign had lost its lead ahead of the Scottish independence referendum. [A YouGov poll showed Yes at 51% yesterday] The article goes on: Sterling fell by about 1.3% against the US dollar to a 10-month low of $1.61. You might expect some context to analyse this to follow but remarkably not. Some context would have been useful, especially since the BBC (and the rest of the UK mainstream media) have failed to give any notable coverage to the 1.8% drop in the pound (GBP) to the US dollar (USD) that occurred from the end of August to the start of September. In fact looking at the GBP to USD exchange over the last year shows that variation is business as usual: However there is a second point of analysis that is missing from the medias coverage of this story and that is that there would be no impact on the GBP currency if the UK government stepped back from their Project Fear and announced that they will establish a formal currency union. As I wrote about previously , one of the main reasons that a formal currency union is proposed is to ensure that the rest of the UK remains stable while losing ~10% of their economy and one of the areas that contributes significantly to the GBP balance of payments. The No campaign obviously wont pledge a currency union before the referendum but as the leading economist Anton Muscatelli outlined in this excellent Financial Times article , rejecting a currency union after a Yes vote would be tantamount to economic vandalism. Who shares what? However, instead of any context or analysis the BBC article moves on to say: On Monday morning, shares in Scottish-based firms dominated the top fallers on the stock market. Edinburgh-based Standard Life fell 3%, Royal Bank of Scotland slipped 2.4% and Lloyds Banking Group, which owns Bank of Scotland and Scottish Widows, dropped 2.7%. Their share prices recovered slightly later in the day but remained in negative territory. After months of installing fear into the minds of Scottish citizens about the cataclysmic impact of a Yes vote, this was obviously an attempt to make the Scots think that the possibility of a Yes vote is having a damaging effect on Scottish companies. Now as anyone who has view site... actually been campaigning in Scotland knows people provided with more information are more inclined to vote Yes and so the possibility of a Yes vote has been present since the referendum was announced so it is interesting to look at how the share prices have moved over the last year. Standard Life have actually had a fantastic year their share price is actually up 22.21% from last September . The Standard Life share price had a 9% spike from the 3rd to the 4th of September following the sale of Canadian firm Manulife Financial Corporation , and reductions are fairly commonplace after such spikes on the stock market so the 2.42% fall today (not 3% as reported on the BBC) may well have happened even another poll hadnt been published on the Sunday to claim otherwise is pure speculation.