Whether planning to France on holiday, or on business, a ferry is a simple and read quick way of travelling from England to France. The journey to France usually takes less than an hour. The Port of Dover is found the county of Kent and and is the kick off point for most cross channel ferries. In fact it is referred to as 'the gateway to Europe' and is the busiest port on earth. It is easily located when travelling either around the M2/A2 motorway via Canterbury, or the M20/A20 motorway via Ashford. The Ferry from Dover to Dunkerque offers both pedestrian and vehicular transport from England to France.

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I have been forwards and backwards within the English Channel more times than I can remember. In the olden days before I knew better I would use SeaFrance, but one day I arrived late and so they attempted to charge a tremendous surcharge which I wasn't pleased with. Another time I resulted in at Calais wanting to make contact with England plus they quoted me something like 330€ as I hadn't booked in advance. Later I discovered Speedferries who I loved, but sadly went bust due to being forced out by the 'giants from the channel'. So who does that leave? Well P&O usually get rated well, but always seem expensive. So plus there is my favourite, Norfolkline who operate ferries from Dover to Dunkerque. I have always found these to be superb, should you turn up late they merely book you on the next ferry, if you show up early they will let you continue the ferry before.