Very weird story. And one the Dealer probably shouldn't win.

The Hottest Thing In Political Science This Week!

It's very similar to the mailer they sent in Montana that's caused so much trouble, right down to the use of the state seal, in this case California's. The California secretary of state's office hadn't seen the mailer until we showed it them.

Good Luck, Guys

As you can see in the picture, the display appears to depict an African-American family, with each member being hanged from a tree.

More Trouble For Those Poli Sci Researchers

Department of Homeland Security investigator who probed the Secret Service prostitution scandal got booted out of his job for using a prostitute.

Maybe Time to Wrap This One Up

As we noted here, an Atlantic article by Jeff Goldberg has reignited the smoldering war of words and emotion between Benjamin Netanyahu and the Obama administration. Capturing most of the attention is an unnamed administration official calling Netanyahu, among other things, a "chickenshit." It's important to understand the aim of the barb - namely that Netanyahu is too scared of losing power in Israel to take the steps necessary to achieve a settlement or even a substantial improvement of relations with the Palestinians.

Yep, It's 2014

We may not have captured this completely in our coverage, but the brouhaha over the political science research project gone so wrong in Montana (and now in California ) has been a very big deal in political science circles since the news broke late last week. I know some readers will be amused that anything could be buzzy in the cloistered poli sci world. But this has really captured the attention of everyone in the profession, and reignited some long running debates about field research, the proper ethical lines to draw during research, and a host of related issues. We've mostly avoided going too far into that part of the story because, let's face it, poli sci research dos and don'ts are pretty damn weedy and matter only to those who do it for a living. But TPM Reader Dan Carpenter, a professor of government at Harvard, wrote in with his insights on the mess, and I think it gives you a good sense of how big a deal some of these issues are within the academy and why this episode has received so much attention.